Artwork videos

Street WORKS 

We were invited to revitalise a car park space in Footscray as part of the 2016 StreetWORKS project by the Maribyrnong City Council. We designed the mural after consulting with the community, watch to see the result. 

Ouroboros I

We are going on a journey that will unfold through walls all over Melbourne in 2016-17. We've just completed the first piece of it at the St Kilda Festival, here is the video of the process and the the final result. There is a lot more to come, so stay tuned. 

Woodford Folk Festival

We transformed the beer garden at one of the Festival's stages into a garden of wonder, inhabited by strange beings, luscious flora and characters from a magical land. 


Past exhibitions

If you could not attend out latest art exhibitions, do not worry: these videos show the process, ideas and outcomes of each one of them.  


The Chuck & Julia Show

This is an ongoing video series, we want to revisit it soon when we have more time in our schedule!

Chuck Mayfield (Australia) & Júlia Palazzo (Brazil) are two artists working together in Melbourne to follow their passion for art. This series of short videos follows their journey as they try to balance their dream of doing the work they love, their need to pay the bills, and their attempts of doing both at the same time. 

Behind the Dreamland (2015)

Behind the dreamland was a series created to show our life as we prepared for our first solo exhibition, Visions of Dreamland. The quick 2 minute videos presented some of our life, the balance between our personal and commercial work, as well as some funny moments of sleep deprivation and creative mania.