Júlia BOTH

Júlia BOTH

Júlia BOTH's work explores duality and the relationships between the macro and microcosmos, inspired by plants, nebulae, sex & dreams. She expresses it on vibrant walls, zines, exhibitions and more.



Júlia loves creating beautiful art that leads to interesting conversations and expresses the overwhelming admiration she has for the Universe we live in.


Apart from her painting and illustration skills, Júlia brings to the team her thoughtful design abilities and a great sense of order and planning. She designs and coordinates most of our big creative projects, such as public murals and exhibitions. 


In 2018, Júlia wants to travel the world and learn from creatives everywhere how to create art that has a positive impact on communities and how to run sustainable art businesses and projects. 



Júlia Both Palazzo was born in Porto Alegre, a city in the southernmost state of Brazil, in a family of environmentalists and book worms. Both her parents work with ecology, and she spent her childhood being taught a deep appreciation for Nature.

From an early age she was inspired by her mother's artwork as well as scientific illustrations of flora and fauna in the many books in their home library. 

In her early teen years Júlia's family travelled on road trips all over South America, and the dramatic colours and landscapes of the region continue to influence her work today. 

After finishing high school, Júlia moved to Australia on her own at the age of 17. She spent the next 4 years studying Visual Communication Design in Brisbane and blossoming into an independent and determined woman. 

During University, Júlia met Chuck, and they moved to Melbourne together and started Mayfield Palace in 2013. Today their distinct collaborations can be seen on walls, galleries and pages wherever their travels take them.


In late 2016, Júlia started a new creative direction more authentic to herself, and started using her first last name, BOTH, as her artist name. She undertook a creative residency in Cowwarr Arts Space and launched a solo exhibition at Off the Kerb Gallery, in Melbourne. 

Today, Júlia continues to push herself to grow as a creative, and is planning a trip around the globe to meet other creatives and learn more about how art affects the world. 

Recent creations

Garden of Delight

Júlia has just finished a solo exhibition at Off the Kerb Gallery in Collingwood, after undertaking an artist residency at Cowwarr Arts Space

Creative Women's Circle

In 2016/17 she has been writing about her experience as an artist for the Creative Women's Circle:

Art in Brazil

During a long visit to her homecity in 2016, Júlia created many paintings, illustrations for new zines and murals, inspired by ideas of returning and cycles. You can see her artwork on her website