to THE Palace

A place where two artists from opposite sides of the world,
come together to create beauty.  

 we create

Painting on the streets, organising art exhibitions, making videos, and more.


 we give

Offering art services for organisations, people, businesses and events. 


everywhere we can

We aim to create meaningful, inspiring art all over the world. 

Who we are

Chuck Mayfield / Australia

With a background in both fine art and graffiti, Chuck's art is a unique mixture of urban and natural elements, and often contrasts the beautiful and the distorted. He is deeply interested in philosophy and the arts, and has a strong tendency for originality and pushing the boundaries with his ideas. 

He was born and lived in Brisbane for most of his life, and was deeply inspired by a family of creatives. When he is not contemplating life, spirituality and social issues, he dedicates himself to travelling and experiencing new cultures. 

Júlia BOTH / Brazil

Júlia's art is hugely influenced by nature, she likes to say that she is inspired by plants, nebulae, sex & dreams. She makes intricate drawings and vibrant paintings on paper, boards, walls and screens. 

Júlia grew up in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in a family of environmentalists, and moved to Australia when she was 17 to study design and experience a new country. She is fascinated by biology and astronomy, and spends het spare time reading, exercising and planning her next trip.  


Chuck Mayfield and Julia Palazzo

Our story

We met while studying design in Brisbane. We both loved art, and we chose to study design because we wanted to do something more "practical" than trying to just be artists.

After we graduated, we moved to Melbourne on a road trip. We shared a room in a shared house in Fitzroy. Chuck was unemployed. Julia's visa was about to expire, and she worked as a waitress and bartender and tried out several internships at design studios without much success.   

That was when we decided to stop bullshitting ourselves and start chasing our dream of working full-time as artists. Mayfield Palace was born.


Latest projects


April 2016

We were invited to be a part of this year's StreetWORKS project, by the Maribyrnong City Council. We revitalised a carpark space with art inspired by the local flora and fauna and a consultation with the local residents. 

February 2016
Ouroboros: the journey begins

We are going on a journey that will unfold through walls all over Melbourne in 2016-17. We've just completed the first piece of it at the St Kilda Festival, here is the video of the process and the the final result. There is a lot more to come, so stay tuned. 

January 2016
Woodford Folk Festival 

We transformed the beer garden at one of the Festival's stages into a garden of wonder, inhabited by strange beings, luscious flora and characters from a magical land.